Vonda Wysocki

Badge #: 8659

Actor: Devin Kelley
Age: Early 20s
First Appearance: Pilot
Affiliations: Chicago Police Department
Occupation(s): Law Enforcement Officer
Relatives: Jarek Wysocki
Vonda Wysocki is Jarek Wysocki's niece. She's a rookie beat copper/police officer whose father - Jarek's brother - was killed in the line of duty when she was a young child, and her uncle helped raise her and supported her through the police academy. Jarek keeps close tabs on her, especially in lieu of the fact that he doesn't trust her partner,Isaac Joiner.

Department History

Officer Wysocki started as a beat copper right out of the academy just like every cop. When Sergeant Moosikean brought Isaac Joiner into Organized Crime Division, Isaac told him that the only way he would go into the Division is if Moosikian let Vonda in as well. She later took the blame for failing to frisk a suspect that shot at her and Officer Joiner so that Mooseikian didn't kick her back to street patrol just because he and Vonda's uncle Jerek don't like each other.