Teresa Colvin
Actor: Jennifer Beals
Age: 40's
First Appearance: Pilot
Affiliations: Chicago Police Department
Occupation(s): Superintendent of Chicago Police
Relatives: TBA

Teresa Colvin is Jarek Wysocki's ex-partner and the Chicago Police Department's first female police superintendent, now in charge of a 10,000-member police force. She is a very tough and ambitious officer, unafraid to challenge government officials or demote officers she sees as incompetent, even at the risk of making enemies in the department. In the pilot she reveals that her parents' business and marriage were destroyed by the corruption in the city, and she has made cleaning it up a personal task. Teresa diplomatically governs amidst the complicated landscape of Chicago politics, while working with Jarek Wysocki to fight crime amidst the city's underbelly and trying to bring down the corrupt Alderman Ronin Gibbons.

Department History

Superintendent Colvin started out as a beat copper, She was later promoted to Detective which is when she was partnered up with Jereck Wysocki (who admitted she was the best partner he ever had). After that she went into undercover work which led to the largest drug bust in Chicago history, They then promoted her to Lieutenant, then to Captain. When she was a Captain she gave Antonio Betz an application for the Chicago Police Department with his mothers permission. She was later promoted to Cheif of Detectives. Before she got the Superintendent job, the Mayors first pick was rushed to the hospital because of a heart attack, but she blew the oversite committee away with her great ideas and landed the superintendent job where she is now.