Liam Hennessey
Actor: Billy Lush
Age: 29
First Appearance: TBA
Affiliations: Irish Mafia, Chicago Police Depatment
Occupation(s): Undercover Law Enforcement Officer
Relatives: None
Liam Hennessey is a low-life level, Irish thug who blends in with the gritty world of local crime. At least that's what the Irish thugs think. In reality, he's later revealed as a police officer named Chris Collier working as an undercover police officer in the Irish mob who reports to Jarek Wysocki. Liam begins to get in over his head when he accidentally kills somebody while setting fire to a house in an insurance scam. He considers quitting his job, until Alderman Ronin Gibbons makes it tacitly clear that he knows about the murder and can pin it on him- prompting Liam to tell superintendent Teresa Colvin that he's going to make sure he nails Gibbons.