Isaac Joiner

Badge #: 8669

Actor: Todd Williams
Age: 25
First Appearance: Pilot
Affiliations: Chicago Police Department
Occupation(s): Law Enforcement Officer
Relatives: None
Isaac Joiner is Vonda Wysocki's partner and a young and ambitious officer whose hot-shot ways lead Wysocki to worry for his niece. Jarek Wysocki is less than thrilled that his niece Vonda has a partner who's a cocky hotshot with risk-taking ways. It is later revealed that he is Vonda's boyfriend.

Department History

Officer Isaac Joiner started as a beat copper just like all Officers do. He was later becoming suspicious of a suspect, so he asked Sergeant Moosekian if he could check it out. Later Sgt. Moosekian brought Isaac into Organized Crime Division, which is by indentation only, but Isaac tells him that the only way he goes is if his partner Police Officer Vonda Wysocki was aloud in as well, Sgt. Moosekian allows it and they are both in Organized Crime Division