• Bchwood

    Thoughts on the show...?

    April 12, 2011 by Bchwood

    I'm wondering what everybody thinks of The Chicago Code. I was a Shield die-hard, rarely has a series delivered a combination of individual episode storylines that were not only thrilling as stand-alones but also fed into the larger plotlines of individual seasons and the overall series. So far The Chicago Code has, in my humble opinion, delivered solid stand alone episode storylines...but the greater thrust of the narrative- whether or not Jarek and Teresa can bring down Ronin Gibbons- isn't quite as compelling as watching Vick Mackie stay one step ahead of the forces trying to bring him down. Still, Jarek is a great character- smart, charismatic, flawed- and Jason Clarke's acting is impecable (I wish I could say the same for Jennifer Bea…

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